Professional Janitorial Service (PJS) was founded in Austin, Texas in early 1986. The company soon added locally-owned offices in Houston and San Antonio, and today also includes El Paso. In each location, PJS has experienced significant growth and is proud to represent a large client base, demonstrating the success of our cleaning program and our client-first philosophy. In an industry long characterized by a wide variation in standards, practices, and results, PJS believed in finding a better way. We have always understood that standardization  and systemization generate consistency. So PJS became an early participant in a formalized process operating system approach to cleaning. Keeping our clients’ best interest uppermost, we have continued to refine all aspects of our methodology, building on our experience, to develop the PJS Innovative Cleaning System. We are committed to providing a level of service and professionalism that exceeds industry standards andclient expectations.

“PJS cares for their employees in ways not seen in the market place”

“Their quality and response is second to no other cleaning company”

“I believe their quality to be of the highest in the industry”

“PJS is a great business partner, the relationship is honest and open”

“On many occasions they have gone above and beyond their scope of service”

“I have worked with PJS for over 10 years and I have found them to be honest, proactive and cutting edge”

“The best in the business”