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Quality Control

Quality is achieved with a combination of the best people and the best systems in partnership with clear, consistent communication. PJS has formalized these critical elements to ensure that our clients’ needs and expectations are not only met, but exceeded. PJS provides our clients with a responsive, accountable cleaning team offering:

  • Full access to all levels of management within our organization
  • Customization of our client communications based on client preferences
  • A commitment to keep things streamlined and simple to eliminate confusion

A central principle of our approach to quality control comprises several levels of management conducting on-going account inspections to ensure accountability, compliance with PJS policies and procedures, and client satisfaction.We use documentation tools to track operations and results at each property to help ensure that all tasks are being completed in a timely and efficient manner and all goals, expectations, and standards are being met.

Click here to view a sample of our documentation process.

PJS Innovative Cleaning SystemSM

The foundation of the PJS Innovative Cleaning SystemSM is a comprehensive, systemized approach to all aspects of the cleaning and operations process with the purpose of reducing costs while increasing efficiency, cleaning levels, and worker morale, resulting in a cleaner and healthier facility that meets and exceeds the industry standards.

The PJS Team

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PJS has carefully developed thorough and detailed policies and procedures for hiring the right employees, effective training, and implementing programs to reward and retain the best.

Color Coding

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The use of colors is a simple and effective communication tool that reduces error and increases the efficiency, consistency, and safety of the cleaning process.


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The safety of cleaning workers and building tenants is of utmost importance, so the PJS safety program has been designed to exceed industry requirements.

Team Cleaning®*

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PJS incorporates a team cleaning approach, allowing us to develop specialists who concentrate on a few clearly-defined tasks in a systematic strategy for eachwork area.

LEED® Green Cleaning

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The PJS comprehensive program of cleaning protocols keeps us aligned with LEED credit requirements for certification and developing technologies forcontinued improvement.

Equipment and Product Selection

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PJS has evaluated many types of cleaning equipment and chemicals over time, ultimately selecting those that best meet the quality standards and objectives of thePJS Innovative Cleaning System.

Cleaning for Health First

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We begin with a commitment to clean for health first, knowing that appearance will automatically follow.

Facility Security

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Recognizing the critical significance of facility security, PJS establishes security procedures in accordance with client security policies.

* Team Cleaning is a registered trademark of ProTeam®.

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“Their quality and response is second to no other cleaning company”

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“PJS is a great business partner, the relationship is honest and open”

“On many occasions they have gone above and beyond their scope of service”

“I have worked with PJS for over 10 years and I have found them to be honest, proactive and cutting edge”

“The best in the business”